Design improvement of flapping hydrokinetic turbines


This investigation deals with the flow control and the enhancement of the output power of a flapping foil turbine. The connected gurney flap (GF) is a small arc that oscillates with a given pitching angle. The incompressible laminar flow around a simple flat plate equipped with an oscillating gurney flap is solved using a computational method. A user-defined function and a coupled layering/sliding dynamic mesh technique available in ANSYS FLUENT.15 are used to adjust both the blade and the flap positions during the turbine flapping cycle. It was shown that an appropriate synchronization between the flap oscillation and the turbine blade rotation could modify the blade flap camber, which corrects, in turn, the pressure distribution and therefore boosts the lift force during both the up-stroke and down-stroke stages. The application of this strategy of control enhances the output power dramatically compared with a clean flapping turbine blade.

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  • Gurney flap
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