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Table 4 Diesel hybrid (tram train) vehicles for off-wire operation “OPGS”.

From: Catenary-Free Tramway Systems: Functional and Cost–Benefit Analysis for a Metropolitan Area

City Operational Length, off wire Length, system Supplier Technology Vehicles
Nordhausen, Germany 2004 8 km 9 km, 5 stops, Line 10 Siemens Diesel hybrid 3 COMBINO DUO tram train vehicles
Kassel, Germany 2006 28 km 30 km, 27 stops, Line RT4 Alstom Diesel hybrid 10 REGIOCITADIS tram train vehicles
Leon, Spain 2011 New FEVE tram train route Leon–Cistierna 24 km Vossloh Diesel hybrid 4 TRAMLINK tram train vehicles
Chemnitz, Germany 2014 Three new tram train lines to Burgstädt, Mittweida and Hainichen Vossloh Diesel hybrid 8 CITYLINK tram train vehicles