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Notes on Nontrivial Multiple Periodic Solutions for Second-Order Discrete Hamiltonian System

  • Published:
Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society Aims and scope Submit manuscript


We obtain new existence of multiple nontrivial M-periodic solutions for a class of second-order discrete Hamiltonian system with the force F(tx) being neither supquadratic nor subquadratic growth in x. Moreover, we exhibit four instructive examples to illustrate our results.

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The authors express their sincere gratitude to professor Zhang Shiqing for his helpful suggestions. The first author is partially supported by the research funding project of Guizhou Minzu University (GZMU[2019]QN04) and National Science Foundations of China (116712787, 11661021, 11861021). The second author is partially supported by National Science Foundation of China (11501577).

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Correspondence to Jinlong Wei.

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Communicated by Shangjiang Guo.

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