Normal Criteria for Family Meromorphic Functions Sharing Holomorphic Function

  • Nguyen Van Thin


In this paper, we study the value distribution of differential polynomial with the form \(f^n(f^{n_1})^{(t_1)}\dots (f^{n_k})^{(t_k)},\) where f is a transcendental meromorphic function. Namely, we prove that \(f^n(f^{n_1})^{(t_1)}\dots (f^{n_k})^{(t_k)}-P(z)\) has infinitely zeros, where P(z) is a nonconstant polynomial and \(n\in {\mathbb {N}},\) \(k, n_1, \dots , n_k, t_1, \dots , t_k\) are positive integer numbers satisfying \(n+\sum _{v}^{k}n_v\ge \sum _{v=1}^{k}t_v+3.\) Using it, we establish some normality criterias for family of meromorphic functions under a condition where differential polynomials generated by the members of the family share a holomorphic function with zero points. Our results generalize some previous results on normal family of meromorphic functions.


Meromorphic function Normal family Nevanlinna theory 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 30D35 30D45 



The author wishes to thank the managing editor and referees for their very helpful comments and useful suggestions.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsThai Nguyen University of EducationThai Nguyen CityVietnam

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