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Effects of Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluid and Chemical Reaction on a Dispersion of a Solute and Implications to Blood Flow


The process of dispersion of soluble matter in blood flow has been investigated in the present study. The constitutive equation of blood obeys the law of K-L fluid model. The first order homogeneous chemical reaction is taken in the analysis which has been studied by Taylor’s dispersion method in a circular tube. The influences of the reaction rate constant, the yield stress and K-L parameters on the equivalent dispersion coefficient are discussed. A decrease in the value of dispersion coefficient has been observed in Newtonian as well as non-Newtonian fluids with increase in the rate of chemical reaction. The dispersion coefficient is further decreased with the enhancement of yield stress. It is pertinent to point out that one of K-L parameters tends to decrease the equivalent dispersion coefficient while another K-L parameter enhances the equivalent dispersion coefficient. From the present investigation, many rheological models for blood such as Newtonian, Bingham plastic and Casson can be obtained by giving appropriate values to yield stress and parameters of K-L fluid. The present analytical study provides useful information to the bio-chemical processing and physiological process in the cardiovascular system.

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