Cardinal B-Spline Wavelet Based Numerical Method for the Solution of Generalized Burgers–Huxley Equation

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In this paper, Cardinal B-spline wavelet numerical method is developed for the solution of Generalized Burgers–Huxley(GBH) Equation. It is a new approach for the accurate numerical solution of the GBH equation with the initial and boundary conditions using Cardinal B-spline wavelets. This method is based on the truncated Cardinal B-spline wavelet expansions is used to convert the initial and boundary value problems into system of algebraic equations which can be efficiently solved by suitable solvers. Numerical results of the GBH equation with initial and boundary conditions shows the efficiency and accuracy of the present method.


Cardinal B-spline wavelet Linear and nonlinear Burgers–Huxley equations Collocation method 

Mathematics Subject Classification

35-XX 42C40 65L60 



It is a pleasure to thank the University Grants Commission (UGC), Govt. of India for the financial support under UGC-SAP DRS-III for 2016-2021:F.510/3/DRS-III/2016(SAP-I) Dated: 29th Feb. 2016.


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