Intelligent Sliding-Mode Position Control Using Recurrent Wavelet Fuzzy Neural Network for Electrical Power Steering System


A digital signal processor (DSP)-based intelligent sliding-mode control (SMC) is proposed for the position control of a six-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drive system installed in an electric power steering (EPS) system in this study. First, the dynamic mathematical model of the EPS system is derived by the Lagrangian dynamics. Since the EPS system is a nonlinear and time-varying system, the control accuracy is very sensitive to the parameter variations and external disturbances. Therefore, a SMC is developed for the position control of the EPS system. However, the upper bound of the uncertainties is difficult to obtain in advance and the choice of switching control gain in SMC is vital but time-consuming and may cause undesired chattering phenomenon. Hence, an intelligent SMC with a novel recurrent wavelet fuzzy neural network (ISMC-RWFNN) is proposed, in which a recurrent wavelet fuzzy neural network (RWFNN) is adopted as an uncertainty estimator to overcome the aforementioned disadvantage of SMC. Moreover, a robust compensator is employed to reduce the estimation error. In addition, the adaptive learning algorithms for the online training of the RWFNN are derived using the Lyapunov theorem and Taylor series. Finally, the proposed ISMC-RWFNN to control the position of a six-phase PMSM drive system for the EPS system is implemented in a 32-bit floating-point DSP, and some experimental results are provided to verify its effectiveness.

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The authors would like to acknowledge the financial supports of Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan through its Grant No. MOST 104-2221-E-008-040-MY3.

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  • Sliding-mode control
  • Six-phase permanent synchronous motor
  • Electric power steering system
  • Recurrent wavelet fuzzy neural network
  • Taylor series expansion