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Experimental Validation for Fuzzy Control of Servo Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Driven by Metal Hydride


This paper presents the servo control problem of pneumatic artificial muscle (PAM) powered by hydrogen-based metal hydride (MH) for mechanical servo actuation. Under various operations of a servo PAM actuator driven by hydrogen-based MH, the desired task of actuator is changed following those various operations. A fuzzy adaptive proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller is proposed to improve the dynamic performance requirements in both transient and steady-state responses. The fuzzy logic part of the proposed controller is employed to be better than a conventional PID for automatic online tuning of the parameters of PID gain under different operating conditions. The nonlinear mathematical model of PAM actuated by hydrogen-based MH is determined as the desired characteristics of closed-loop control for a fuzzy rule base. Position control is examined to illustrate the performance of the proposed controller. The results show that the proposed technique is more suitable and effective in the case of servo actuation.

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