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Climate change adaptation strategies: a prospect toward crop modelling and food security management


This study is to assess the current trend of implemented climate change adaptation strategies, food security management system, and crop modelling in the context of Lechraganj Char Union, Harirampur Subdistrict, Bangladesh. The adverse impacts on the local char dwellers of various major disasters in the study area are mainly drought; flood, riverbank erosion, and norwester accelerated by climate change were elaborated in this study as well. This research paper also analyzes the implemented pre-disaster and post-disaster approaches of various climate change adaptation strategies to insecure the food security system by the local villagers. Both primary and secondary sources were used to illustrate the research problem and receiving proper outputs from the précised structure of the study. The nature and types of food insufficiency, migration process, occupation changes, agriculture process, socio-economic condition, and governmental and non-governmental organization steps in the study area were considered as research trimming.

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