Multiaxial and Uniaxial Fatigue Failure Evaluation Using Modal Velocities


The presented work aims at evaluating the results of uniaxial and multiaxial fatigue failure tests using velocity and acceleration measurements. A specimen containing damaging modes at different eigenfrequencies is introduced. The tests are conducted on an electrodynamic 3D-shaker system using a random vibration environment. Different fatigue times are observed between uniaxial and multiaxial excitation. Based on the velocity and acceleration measurements, fatigue damage values are calculated for each test. While the fatigue damage values of velocities are similar between uniaxial and multiaxial tests, large deviations can be detected when using accelerations as base for the calculation. Thus, experimental verification for recently proposed multiaxial fatigue damage calculations based on different vibrational quantities is made possible.

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  • Multiaxial fatigue
  • Multi-axis testing
  • Electrodynamic shaker
  • Stress-velocity relationship