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Investigation on Bending over Sheave Fatigue Life Determination of Rotation Resistant Steel Wire Rope

Experimental Techniques Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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Investigation on theoretical and experimental determination of bending over sheave fatigue lifetimes of rotation resistant steel wire ropes has been conducted. Effects of sheave size and tensile load on bending over sheave fatigue lifetimes of investigated rope have been presented. Bending over sheave fatigue life prediction according to effects of tensile load and sheave diameter has been presented by using artificial neural networks. The results point out that constructed ANN model estimations and experimental results have powerful correlation.

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The authors acknowledge to directors of Institut für Fördertechnik und Logistik for our experimental work permission in their laboratory. This study is supported by Istanbul Technical University Scientific Research Fund (Project No. 33137).

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Onur, Y., İmrak, C. & Onur, T. Investigation on Bending over Sheave Fatigue Life Determination of Rotation Resistant Steel Wire Rope. Exp Tech 41, 475–482 (2017).

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