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Table 1 Important influences of different researchers: real-life applications of operators for decision making

From: A Pythagorean fuzzy approach to the transportation problem

Author and references Year Significance influences
Li et al. [54] 2018 To handle supplier selection situation
Zhou et al. [55] 2018 Pythagorean normal cloud model for handling the economic decisions
Bolturk [56] 2018 Pythagorean fuzzy CODAS were introduced to handle supplier selection process in a manufacturing firm
Qin [57] 2018 To handle multiple attribute SIR group decision model
Wan et al. [58] 2018 To handle the haze management problem
Lin et al. [59] 2018 To analysis of inpatient stroke rehabilitation
Chen [60] 2018 To handle the financial decision
Ilbahar et al. [61] 2018 To handle risk assessment for occupational health and safety
Karasan et al. [62] 2018 To handle landfill site selection problem
Zeng et al. [63] 2018 To evaluate classroom teaching quality
Ejegwa [64] 2019 Application in medical diagnosis