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Table 1 SRL scale developed by SD&ML [4, 5, 9]

From: A robust system maturity model for complex systems utilizing system readiness level and Petri nets

SRL value Acquisitions phase SRL description
0.90–1.00 Operations and support Execute a support program that meets operational support performance requirements and sustains the system in the most cost-effective manner throughout its lifecycle
0.70–0.89 Production and deployment Achieve operational capability that satisfies mission needs
0.60–0.79 System development and demonstration Develop a system or capability increment; reduce integration and manufacturing risk; ensure operational supportability; reduce logistics footprint; implement human systems integration; design for producibility; ensure affordability and protection of critical program information; and demonstrate system integration, interoperability, safety, and utility
0.40–0.59 Technology development Reduce technology risks and determine appropriate set of technologies to integrate into a full system
0.10–0.39 Concept refinement Refine initial concept. Develop system/technology development strategy