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Enhanced Corrosion Resistance of ABS: Bamboo Fibre Electrospun Membrane Filtered Biodiesel


Corrosion of materials exposed to biodiesel has been a concern for researchers, limiting its widespread industrial application. The corrosive effect of biodiesel is affected by the purity of biodiesel, which depends on the method of filtration. A hybrid electrospun polymer membrane based on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and bamboo fibre (ABS-BF) meant for filtering biodiesel from water and glycerol with high purity has been developed recently. The present work focusses on the electrochemical corrosion analysis of metal samples exposed to biodiesel filtered by ABF-BF membrane. High corrosion resistance was observed for metal samples exposed to membrane filtered biodiesel as compared to that exposed to water-washed biodiesel, due to reduced moisture and impurity content.

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