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Behavioral Psychology and Cell Phone Use: A Matter of Opportunity


This special section is about behavioral psychology and cell phone use. It includes six original articles that use behavioral economics and behavior analysis to explore text messaging, access to smartphones and problem gaming.

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  1. Hayashi, Y., Friedel, J. E., Foreman, A. M., & Wirth, O. (2019). A behavioral economic analysis of demand for texting while driving. The Psychological Record, 69(2), 225–237.

    Article  PubMed  PubMed Central  Google Scholar 

  2. Petry, N. M., Zajac, K., & Ginley, M. K. (2018). Behavioral addictions as mental disorders: to be or not to be? Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 14, 399–423.

    Article  PubMed  PubMed Central  Google Scholar 

  3. Van Dyck, D., Cardon, G., Deforche, B., Owen, N., De Cocker, K., Wijndaele, K., & De Bourdeaudhuij, I. (2011). Socio-demographic, psychosocial and home-environmental attributes associated with adults' domestic screen time. BMC Public Health, 11(1), 1–10.

    Article  Google Scholar 

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  • Cell phone use
  • Delay discounting
  • Demand
  • Impulsivity
  • Problematic internet use
  • Text messages