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It Offends Us Too! An Exploratory Analysis of High School-Based Microaggressions


Research on microaggression has primarily focused on the experiences of adults, as researchers have yet to extensively examine the experiences of school-age children. The few studies that exist suggest that microaggressions are problematic well before young people reach college or the working world. The current study adds to the microaggression literature through an examination of the experiences of adolescents holding minoritized racial and sexual orientation identities at a Midwestern public high school. Participants in the study completed a survey that assessed their experiences with microaggressions, the degree to which they found them offensive, and their experiences with peers and school personnel. Results of the study suggest that these microaggressive exchanges are relevant for high school students and that individual differences exist in the way that adolescents notice and label microaggressive verbalizations as offensive. Future research directions are discussed, as well as implications for those working directly with students in schools.

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The authors thank Brooke Ferrero, Ph.D., Samantha Fillmore, and Kirstin Johnson for help with study preparation and data collection.

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The questionnaire and methodology for this study was approved by the Human Research Ethics committee of Illinois State University (Ethics approval number: IRB 2018-47.

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In line with their university’s IRB standards, informed consent was obtained from participants prior to their completion of survey items.

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