Hessian transport gradient flows

  • Wuchen LiEmail author
  • Lexing Ying


We derive new gradient flows of divergence functions in the probability space embedded with a class of Riemannian metrics. The Riemannian metric tensor is built from the transported Hessian operator of an entropy function. The new gradient flow is a generalized Fokker–Planck equation and is associated with a stochastic differential equation that depends on the reference measure. Several examples of Hessian transport gradient flows and the associated stochastic differential equations are presented, including the ones for the reverse Kullback–Leibler divergence, \(\alpha \)-divergence, Hellinger distance, Pearson divergence, and Jenson–Shannon divergence.


Optimal transport Information/Hessian geometry Hessian transport Hessian transport stochastic differential equations Generalized de Bruijn identity 



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