Interpolating Hodge–Tate and de Rham periods

  • Shrenik Shah


We study the interpolation of Hodge–Tate and de Rham periods over rigid analytic families of Galois representations. Given a Galois representation on a coherent locally free sheaf over a reduced rigid space and a bounded range of weights, we obtain a stratification of this space by locally closed subvarieties where the Hodge–Tate and bounded de Rham periods (within this range) as well as 1-cocycles form locally free sheaves. We also prove strong vanishing results for higher cohomology. Together, these results give a simultaneous generalization of results of Sen, Kisin, and Berger–Colmez. The main result has been applied by Varma in her proof of geometricity of Harris–Lan–Taylor–Thorne Galois representations as well as in several works of Ding.



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