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Nanoscale patterning and welding by solvent-free dry particle spray and focused ion beam


Nano particle deposition system (NPDS) is one of dry particle spray methods such as cold spray and aerosol deposition. It can be used to build structures from metals, ceramics, and nanomaterials without any solvents at room temperature and under low vacuum conditions, reducing energy consumption. Recent advances in dry particle spray techniques, including NPDS, have demonstrated their use with advanced nanomaterials such as carbon nanotube. However, to date, this process has not been successfully scaled down to 100-nm scales. Here, we demonstrate the use of NPDS as dry particle spray method in the nanoscale regime with the help of a focused ion beam for nanoscale manufacturing. Nanoscale patterning and welding were achieved using a nano particle deposition system with miniaturized feature sizes that were smaller than 100 nm in scale.


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  • Solvent-free dry particle spray
  • Nano particle deposition system
  • Nanoscale patterning
  • Nanoscale welding