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Integrating Intergenerational Mentoring into a Culinary Medicine Curriculum


We assessed the feasibility of partnering a medical school with a senior center to integrate elder mentors into a culinary medicine course with 4th-year students. We observed benefits for both students and elders and identified strategies to improve curricular logistics and strengthen bi-directional learning.

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Correspondence to Tomi Danielle Dreibelbis.

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All facets of this study were approved by the Penn State College of Medicine IRB.

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Dreibelbis, T.D., George, D.R. Integrating Intergenerational Mentoring into a Culinary Medicine Curriculum. Med.Sci.Educ. 27, 575–576 (2017).

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  • Medical education
  • Culinary medicine
  • Intergenerational learning
  • Curriculum innovation
  • Nutrition