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Author Correction: Self-Aggregation of Deep Convection and its Implications for Climate

  • Allison A. WingEmail author
Author Correction

Author Correction: Current Climate Change Reports (2019) 5(1):1–11

The original version of this article contained a mistake. In the recently published paper, “Self-Aggregation of Deep Convection and its Implications for Climate”, there was an error in Eq. 1, as a “+” was inadvertently dropped before the final portion of the equation. The correct equation is below:
$$ \uplambda =\frac{dR}{dT}=\frac{dN}{dT}+A\frac{dB}{dT}+B\frac{dA}{dT} $$

The authors apologize for this oversight and for any confusion it may have caused.


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