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Chinese music under the background of cultural globalization


The term ‘globalization’ has been widely discussed in almost all areas of public and private life over the past fifty years. But globalization is much older than its name. As a process becoming a reality in cross-cultural musical cultures, the globalization of music is by no means peculiar to the present era. It runs through the entire entangled history of music, driving one change of musical style after another, always provoking new aesthetic trends. This paper briefly examines the cross-cultural character of contemporary Chinese music and some of the problems which have been encountered in this context. In the first part, the topic of the globalization of music is introduced from a general perspective. The second segment is about the influence of musical or cultural globalization in China approximately during the last one-hundred years. The reflection on the problems to be gathered in this context then leads to the presentation of a catalogue of possible solutions in regard to the development of musical diversity in China.

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This text has been translated by Viviana Yang (杨彬), Xi′an, China.

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