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Table 2 Recommended measures for the care of insect venom allergy sufferers during the COVID-19 pandemic

From: Healthcare provision for insect venom allergy patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Increased use of telephone and video appointments
Rearranging waiting areas and implementing hygiene measures and social distancing rules at stable patient numbers
Collaboration with practice-based physicians with regard to primary diagnostics (determination of bee/wasp sIgE)
Rapid COVID-19 testing (preadmission or on admission)
Unrestricted outpatient continuation of already-initiated insect venom immunotherapy (except in patients suffering from COVID-19 themselves) by making use of the permitted injection intervals
Prompt new initiation of insect venom immunotherapy during the season; if necessary, use of outpatient protocols, especially out of season
Explicitly addressing the COVID-19 situation with patients (either personally or in the scheduling letter)
In the case of shortages, triage according to the severity of the sting reaction
Adapting departmental organization, e.g., collaboration with other departments, extended outpatient clinic times, up-titration at weekends
  1. sIgE specific Immunoglobin E