A survey of the \(L^p\) regularity of the Bergman projection


Although the Bergman projection operator \({\mathbf{B}}_{\Omega }\) is defined on \(L^2(\Omega )\), its behavior on other \(L^p(\Omega )\) spaces for \(p\not =2\) is an active research area. We survey some of the recent results on \(L^p\) estimates on the Bergman projection.

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I thank Mehmet Çelik, John D’Angelo, Nordine Mir, and Sönmez Şahutoğlu, and the anonymous referee for many useful comments on preliminary versions of this paper.


This work is supported by NSF (DMS-1659203) and by a Grant from the Simons Foundation (#353525).

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  • Bergman projection
  • \(L^p\) regularity
  • Sobolev regularity

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