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Cities, slums and gender in the global south: towards a feminised urban future by Sylvia Chant and Cathy Mcilwaine, Routledge, 2016, pages 299

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In the year 2000, at the millennium summit, the United Nation and its member states committed itself to achieve eight millennium development goals (henceforth MDGs) by 2015, which included issues around poverty, inequality, health, education, gender inequality and environmental sustainability. These millennium goals came under heavy criticism, most notably for its non-specific phrasing of the MDGs, such as promoting gender inequality, and for not providing a nuanced set of interventions and targets which would have made the goals more achievable. As 2015 approached, a new universal set of targets and goals were set by the UN known as Sustainable Development goals (henceforth SDGs). These include 17 goals and 169 developmental targets which UN nation states are committed to achieve by 2030. Cities, Slums and Gender in the Global Southwritten collaboratively by Sylvia Chant and Cathy Mcilwaine discusses and evaluates the socio-economic condition of women in urban spaces in the...


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