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During my childhood, Anandamela, a Bengali magazine used to publish the best of children literature. The giants of Bengali literature regularly wrote short stories and serialised novels, pieces on popular science and poems, and some brilliant travelogues that would take the kids’ minds out on journey to different corners of the world. The customary graphic novels included Sadashiv, an Indian-hero from Maharashtra, along with Tintin translated in Bengali. Satyajit Ray, the famous film-maker had designed the name; he also drew the cover page often. We used to wait eagerly for the weekly issues. When I was in class five or six, the magazine suddenly changed: a newly designed cover, the fonts and the design inside had also changed. The content remained more or less the same with the same authors writing, but it also had a few new names. The new designs, both on the cover page and inside, were done by young and enthusiastic artists from Calcutta, and we soon fell in love with them.

With the ‘new’ Decision, the content will have the same rigour that you have always found in this journal. There will be some change in the content of the special issues; the first one planned for June 2014 on the topic ‘Business, Governance and Society’. The new cover and the page designs were decided after many deliberations by the editorial committee and the Springer design team. All these, with Springer as the publisher, happened because of the continuous support of Sagarika Ghosh and Nupoor Singh at the Springer India office. Continuously patient and trying to listen to the ‘ramblings’ of the academics on ‘what all could be done with the journal’; they provided the best co-operation, always. Also, thanks to the institutions and individual subscribers who were patiently looking forward to this double issue as much as the editorial team was. It was an exciting process for us at the editorial, as it would be exciting for you to go through the papers, covering a spectrum usual of ‘Decision’: FDI and human capital to alternative market structures, structural modelling of retail stores to inbound supply risk assessment, business process redesigning to the study of Indian IPOs.

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