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The association between hypoparathyroidism and cognitive impairment: a systematic review


Context and purpose

Hypocalcemia and low parathyroid hormone levels have been commonly suggested as factors able to induce central nervous system disturbances. However, evidences on the occurrence of cognitive impairment are limited or underestimated. The aim of this review is, therefore, to systematically summarize the available evidence concerning the occurrence of cognitive impairment among subjects suffering from idiopathic or secondary hypoparathyroidism.


A systematic selection of the available literature was performed by searching the online databases PubMed, Scopus and Web of Knowledge.


The present systematic review included sixteen case report articles and one cross-sectional controlled study. Case reports were the most representative literature sources and involved ten women and seven men. The presence of cognitive impairment was mostly discussed in association with idiopathic hypoparathyroidism (HPT); five articles described the occurrence of cognitive impairment following postsurgical HPT. The case-controlled study reported a significant presence of peculiar cognitive deficits (e.g. reduced inhibitory control, impairment in visuo-spatial functioning among, and psychomotor retardation) among HPT subjects compared to healthy controls, with serum total calcium and its product with phosphorus as independent predictors of neuropsychological dysfunctions.


Even though mostly based on single case reports, the presence of neuropsychological dysfunctions in the context of HPT appears to be a consistent core finding.

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Subjective cognitive decline


Mild cognitive impairment


Parathyroid hormone


Blood brain barrier




Mini Mental State Examination


Montreal Cognitive Assessment


Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale


PTH 2 receptor


G protein-coupled receptors


Tuber infundibular peptide of 39 residues


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