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Table 2 ACT Activities and Processes Targeted

From: Neuro-Typical Children Outcomes from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Summer Camp

Activity Description
Each of the ACT activities were implemented exactly as outlined in the curriculum. The following is a list of the activities that were used across the 5 days of camp, with three ACT activities being presented each day. The camp staff presented each of the activities, and all campers were invited to share with the group upon the completion of the activity.
Activitya ACT Process Targeted
 What Are Your Values? (Day 31)  Values
 Driving the Train (Day 32)  Values
 Let It Be (Day 33)  Values
 Hamburger Mind (Day 34)  Values
 Values Horseshoes (Day 39)  Values
 Riding the Bike (Day 40)  Committed action
 Racing to Value (Day 42)  Values, acceptance
 As Seen on TV (Day 74)  Present-moment awareness, values, committed action, self-as-context, defusion, acceptance
 Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts (Day 125)  Present-moment awareness, defusion
 I Scream, You Scream (Day 161)  Self-as-context
  1. Please contact the first author for camp activity details
  2. aActivities from the curriculum ACT for Children With Autism and Emotional Challenges (Dixon, 2014)