The bidual of a Banach algebra associated with a bilinear map


We associate a Banach algebra \(\mathbf A _\Phi \) to each bounded bilinear map \(\Phi : \mathrm X\times \mathrm Y\rightarrow \mathrm {Z}\) on Banach spaces, and we find out that this Banach algebra can be useful for many purposes in the theory of Banach algebras. For example, the construction of \(\mathbf A _\Phi \) enables us to provide many simple examples of Banach algebras with different topological centers, which are neither Arens regular nor either left or right strongly Arens irregular. It also gives examples of Banach algebras which are not n-weakly amenable for each natural number n. We also find out that the dual of \(\mathbf A _\Phi \) does not enjoy the factorization property of any level.

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  • Bidual
  • Arens product
  • Bilinear map
  • Topological center
  • Weak amenability

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  • Primary 46H20
  • Secondary 46H25