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Table 2 Mechanical and thermal parameters for validation

From: A novel thermo-mechanical coupling approach for thermal fracturing of rocks in the three-dimensional FDEM

Inner radius, a (m) 0.03
Outer radius, b (m) 0.15
Height, h (m) 0.01
Young’s modulus, E (GPa) 20
Poisson’s ratio, \(\nu \) 0.2
Internal cohesion (MPa) 20
Tensile strength (MPa) 10
Fracture penalty number (GPa) \(10^3\)
Fracture normal energy release rate (J/m\(^{2}\)) 50
Fracture shear energy release rate (J/m\(^{2}\)) 100
Internal friction angle (\( ^\circ \)) 30
Thermal expansion coefficient, \(\alpha \) (\( /^\circ \hbox {C}\)) \(5\times 10^{-6}\)
Initial temperature, \(\Delta T\) (\(^\circ \hbox {C}\)) 0
Inner temperature, \(T_a\) (\(^\circ \hbox {C}\)) 0
Outer temperature, \(T_b\) (\(^\circ \hbox {C}\)) 100