Augmented reality and virtual reality: the power of AR and VR for business

M. Claudia tom Dieck, Timothy Jung, Springer, Switzerland, 2019, 335 pp., €119.99, ISBN 978-3-030-06245-3
  • Songshan (Sam) HuangEmail author
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This book is an edited collection of papers presented at the international Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University, 21–22 June, 2018. The two editors are from the conference host university.

The book’s title, as well as the conference’s, is eye-catching as it touches the most fascinating technologies in our era that may revolutionize human experiences in a lot of human life domains. Augmented reality, commonly referred as AR in short, represents a kind of technological applications that enable users to view some virtual digital objects together with the real world scenes in real time, with or without the support of users’ own digital devices (e.g., a smart phone). A typical AR application in the gaming industry is Nintendo’s game app, Pokeman Go, which attracted worldwide attention a few years ago. Virtual reality, commonly referred as VR for short, on the other hand, represents another cluster of similar technological applications that...


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