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Does hotel size matter to get more reviews per room?


The number of reviews on websites like TripAdvisor may improve hotel ratings and hotel rankings, which favors the perception of hotel quality. Previous studies have focused on the total number of reviews for each hotel, suggesting that increasing the number of reviews could affect hotel ratings. We use a simple index, which is obtained by dividing the number of reviews on TripAdvisor for a given hotel by its number of rooms. This allows identifying the profile of the hotels that are most efficient at generating reviews on this website, which are surprisingly the smallest ones. This index also shows the real level of use of TripAdvisor in each country, without taking into account its population or number of hotels, which are elements that distort the measurement of the popularity of this website.

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This work was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (Grant id.: TURCOLAB ECO2017-88984-R). This research article has received a grant for its linguistic revision from the Language Institute of the University of Lleida (2018 call).

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