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“Big Data Management”, Fausto Pedro García Márquez and Benjamin Lev

ISBN 978-3-319-45497-9, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2017, 267 pp., NZ dollar 111.99
  • Mingming ChengEmail author
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The advent of big data has changed the way we live and make sense of our daily life. With the dramatic growth of data facilitated by the internet of things, big data management and analysis is becoming urgent in many fields. In tourism and hospitality, traditional approaches to data usually require a clear theoretical understanding, random sampling and a large sample size to make inferences. However, big data has started to shift us to work backward with the start of the data collection followed by analysis and finally insights. As such, big data with its promise has opened many possibilities for our researchers that could never happen before. However, there are also increasing and diverse challenges with big data analysis and management. Large amount and constant change of data encompass more than text or numbers making it impossible for human manual processing and challenging existing methodological approaches. In the tourism and hospitality field, the use of big data came much...

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