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Evaluation of Expansive Soil Amended with Fly Ash and Liquid Alkaline Activator


This paper presents the use of fly ash (FA) and liquid alkaline activator (LAA) to amend the engineering behavior of expansive soil (ES) based on a series of unconfined compressive strength (UCS), expansion ratio (ER), California bearing ratio (CBR), and free swell index (FSI) tests conducted on various sets of natural and amended ES with different proportions of FA with LAA at different curing periods of 7, 14, and 28 days. Microstructure analysis was carried out by field emission scanning electron microscopy. This study also evaluates the performance of pavement subgrade with amended ES. The LAA is a mixture of 1.0 molar sodium metasilicate and 10.0 molars of sodium hydroxide solution mixed in the proportion of 70:30, respectively. The results indicate that ER and FSI decrease when FA content increases with optimum alkaline activator content (OLC) in the combination, whereas UCS and CBR values initially increase with an increase in FA content up to 25% and after which they decrease. It is also observed that, with an increase in curing periods, the ER and FSI decrease, whereas UCS and CBR values increase. Also, the flexible pavement’s total thickness and initial cost first decrease up to optimum FA content (25%) with OLC after that increases.

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American Society for Testing and Materials


bituminous concrete


calcium aluminate silicate hydrate


California Bearing Ratio


inorganic clay of high plasticity


calcium silicate hydrate


dense bituminous macadam


effective California bearing ratio


expansion ratio


expansive soil


fly ash


field emission scanning electron microscopy


free swell index


granular sub-base

G. Base:

granular base


Indian standard


liquid alkaline activator


maximum total density


sodium aluminate silicate hydrate


optimum liquid alkaline activator


semi-dense bituminous concrete


unconfined compressive strength


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The authors wish to thank Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India, for providing available resources. The authors are thankful to IIT Kanpur for providing the FESEM and XRF facility. The authors are also thankful to Prayagraj power generation company limited, Bara Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India, for providing the fly ash to complete this research.

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Roop Kishor: investigation, writing-original draft, visualization, methodology, formal analysis, writing—review and editing; V. P. Singh: Review, editing and supervision.

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Correspondence to Roop Kishor.

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