Study on Behaviour of Two Adjacent Strip Footings on Granular Bed Overlying Clay with a Void


This paper numerically examines the behaviour of two adjacent strip footings on granular bed over weak soil having a void. Voids could be formed in weak soil strata due to various reasons such as due to water leakage from the water supplying lines or sewer lines, poor drainage and erosion of soil, animal burrows, etc. A parametric study is carried out to understand the influence of granular bed thickness, width of footings, spacing between the footings, and the presence of a void beneath the footing in the weak soil, on the behaviour of footings. To understand the failure mechanism, shear strain contours, for different cases, are being studied. It is observed that there is a certain critical spacing between the two adjacent footings at which the footing/s carry the maximum load. This critical spacing depends on the type of loading, whether equal and simultaneous loading or unequal and sequential loading. The presence of voids also affects the performance of footings. Such voids tend to reduce the load carrying capacity of the footing/s and alter failure pattern.

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granular bed


spacing ratio

IF1 :

interference factor of bearing capacity (simultaneously loaded)

IF2 :

interference factor of bearing capacity (sequentially loaded)

IFV1 :

influence factor of bearing capacity with void (simultaneously loaded)

IFV2 :

influence factor of bearing capacity with void (sequentially loaded)


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  • Interference effect
  • Adjacent strip footings
  • Bearing capacity
  • Layered soil
  • Void
  • Finite element method