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Table 4 Summary of interview guides

From: Implementing a Standardized Care Pathway Integrating Oncology, Palliative Care and Community Care in a Rural Region of Mid-Norway

Summary of interview guide 1
 For patients
 Do you know the PHRa?
 Do your carers know the PHR?
 Has anybody asked you to use PHR?
 Do you write in PHR?
 If yes, in what part of the PHR do you write?
 Have you got an updated medication list in your PHR?
 For HCPsb
 Do you know the PHR?
 Do you have palliative cancer patients using PHR?
 Is the PHR useful for you as healthcare provider?
 Do you wish that the patient should use the PHR?
 Do you write in the PHR?
Summary of interview guide 2
 For HCLsc/ HCPs
 How would you define “The Orkdal Model”?
 What do you think are the goals of the model?
 What do you think is needed to reach the goal? Who (persons, institutions) are important to reach the goal?
 What are the obstacles to reach the goal?
 What do you know about SCPd in general and in The Orkdal Model in particular?
 Have you used SCP before?
 Which factors are important to succeed with the SCP? What are the obstacles?
 How do you think the SCP will affect your job?
Summary of interview guide 3
 For HCPs
 To what degree is the SCP known at your workplace?
 What kind of teaching in the use of the SCP have you received?
 How do you understand the term “SCP”? What do you think is the goal of implementation of the SCP?
 Do you experience that you use the SCP at your workplace?
 If yes, why do you think you have succeeded in using it?
 If no, what do you think can explain why the SCP is not in use?
 What thoughts do you have regarding implementation of SCP at your workplace? Are there any practical challenges to implement it?
 Does the management at your workplace know the SCP and motivate you to use it?
 What role do the process facilitators play regarding implementation (teaching and motivation)?
 How do you think the SCP influences on patients’ symptom management, quality of life, staying at home at the end of life and dying at home?
 How do you think the SCP influences on the interaction between hospital and community care?
  1. aPHR: Patient-held record
  2. bHCP: Healthcare professional
  3. cHCL: Healthcare leader
  4. dSCP: Standardized care pathway