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High-resolution ultrasonography and shear-wave sonoelastography of a cystic radial nerve Schwannoma


Peripheral nerve tumors are often evaluated with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), although there are many advantages offered with high-resolution ultrasonography (HRUS). This case report emphasizes the value of HRUS in the diagnosis and management of a patient with a cystic radial nerve Schwannoma. In addition, information on tumor stiffness, obtained with shear-wave sonoelastography (SWE), is presented.


I tumori dei nervi periferici vengono spesso studiati con la risonanza magnetica (MRI), anche se l’ecografia ad alta risoluzione (HRUS) presenta molti vantaggi. Questo case report sottolinea il valore della HRUS nella diagnosi e nella gestione di un paziente con uno Schwannoma cistico del nervo radiale. Vengono inoltre riferite le informazioni sulla stiffness del tumore ottenute con la shear wave elastosonografia.

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Dynamic cine of the radial nerve in short axis moving caudally through its bifurcation demonstrates the origin of the Schwannoma to be from the deep branch of the radial nerve (AVI 108546 kb)

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