Mixed lag synchronization in chaotic oscillators and experimental observations

  • Bidesh K. Bera
  • Sourav K. Bhowmick
  • Dibakar Ghosh


We report mixed lag synchronization in coupled counter-rotating oscillators. The trajectories of counter-rotating oscillators has opposite directions of rotation in uncoupled state. Under diffusive coupling via a scalar variable, a mixed lag synchronization emerges when a parameter mismatch is induced in two counter-rotating oscillators. In the state of mixed lag synchronization, one pair of state variables achieve synchronization shifted in time while another pair of state variables are in antisynchronization, however, they are too shifted by the same time. Transition point of mixed-phase synchronization is estimated analytically using approximation theory. Numerical example of the paradigmatic Rössler oscillator is presented and supported by electronic experiment.


Mixed lag synchronization Phase synchronization Counter-rotating Electronic circuit 



Authors would like to thank Syamal K. Dana, Awadhesh Prasad and Nirmal Punetha for useful discussions. They also like to thank an anonymous referee for constructive criticisms and suggestions which has helped in improving the manuscript in its present form.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Bidesh K. Bera
    • 1
  • Sourav K. Bhowmick
    • 2
  • Dibakar Ghosh
    • 1
  1. 1.Physics and Applied Mathematics UnitIndian Statistical InstituteKolkataIndia
  2. 2.Department of ElectronicsAsutosh CollegeKolkataIndia

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