A new 2D beam finite element for nonlinear elastic analysis including warping and shear effects

  • João Paulo PasconEmail author
Technical Paper


In this paper, a finite-element formulation based on positional description is proposed to predict the large deformation behavior of short beams including shear deformation and cross section warping. A higher-order shear deformation beam theory is originally employed by means of two generalized vectors. A linear strain rate is also included in order to enrich the approximation of strains along the transverse direction. The formulation accounts for finite displacements, finite strains and plane stress conditions in elastic regime. Homogeneous materials, as well as functionally graded composite beams with varying properties along the height, are considered. In all, four beam formulations are described, combining the level of transverse enrichment and the cross section kinematics. A short cantilever beam problem with rectangular cross section is analyzed in detail to illustrate the differences among the four element formulations regarding displacements, strains and stresses. The numerical results confirm that the inclusion of both linear strain rate and cross section warping are needed to correctly predict the mechanical behavior of the cantilever beam, reproducing variable shear deformation across the height.


2D beam finite element Nonlinear elastic bending Cross section warping Shear deformation Functionally graded material 



The author appreciates all the essential support given by the following two departments, both from the University of São Paulo (USP): the Materials Engineering Department of the Lorena School of Engineering (DEMAR/EEL) for providing the necessary infrastructure to carry out the work and from the Structural Engineering Department of the São Carlos School of Engineering (SET/EESC) for allowing the remote access to their cluster.


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