Hygro-thermal vibration analysis of bilayer graphene sheet system via nonlocal strain gradient plate theory

  • Farzad EbrahimiEmail author
  • Mohammad Reza Barati
Technical Paper


In this research a nonlocal strain gradient plate model is introduced for hygro-thermal vibration analysis of double-layer graphene sheets resting on elastic medium. For more accurate analysis of graphene sheets, the proposed theory contains two scale parameters related to the nonlocal and strain gradient effects. In fact, frequency increment due to the strain gradient effect is neglected in all previous papers related to double-layer graphene sheets. Governing equations of a nonlocal strain gradient double-layer graphene sheet on elastic substrate are derived via Hamilton’s principle. Galerkin’s method is implemented to solve the governing equations for different boundary conditions. Effects of different factors such as hygro-thermal loading, nonlocal parameter, length-scale parameter, elastic foundation, interlayer stiffness and boundary conditions on vibration characteristics a double-layer graphene sheet are studied.


Free vibration Refined plate theory Double-layer graphene sheets Nonlocal strain gradient Hygro-thermal effect 


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringImam Khomeini International UniversityQazvinIran

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