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Developing Turbochargers for IMO Tier II and IMO Tier III

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  1. Kramer, U.; Buchmann, K.: HPR turbochargers — Field experience and development status of new ST27 turbocharger range, Worldwide Turbocharger Conference 2009 Hamburg

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  2. Drozdowski, R., Buchmann, K. ST27: A new generation of radial turbine turbochargers for highest pressure ratios, CIMAC Kongress, 2010 Bergen, Paper No. 42

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Buchmann, K. Developing Turbochargers for IMO Tier II and IMO Tier III. MTZ ind 3, 40–47 (2013).

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  • Pressure Ratio
  • Rigid Body Mode
  • Compressor Wheel
  • Squeeze Film Damp
  • Radial Turbine