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“Flowmeter Body”

Decision of the Supreme Court of Poland (Sąd Najwyższy) 8 January 2020 – Case No. II PK 173/19

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    Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, an employee as the inventor has the right to remuneration for the use of that invention, irrespective of the patent protection obtained for it by the employer (Art. 22 in conjunction with Art. 8(1)(2) and Art. 11(3) of the Industrial Property Act).

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    A patent may increase the value of an invention and, therefore, an employee – under the obligation relationship – may point to the lack of the employer’s required diligence in obtaining patent protection (Art. 11(3) of the Industrial Property Act in conjunction with Art. 354 of the Civil Code) if his/her remuneration for the use of the invention depended on it.

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Translated from the Polish by Marcin Skurzak.

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Industrial Property Act, Arts. 8(1)(2), 11(3), 22(1); Civil Code, Art. 354. “Flowmeter Body”. IIC 52, 934–939 (2021).

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  • Remuneration
  • Employee invention
  • Water meter
  • Lack of registration
  • Non-patented invention
  • Technical and economic benefit
  • Due compensation