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Decision of the Supreme Court (Cour de cassation), Commercial Chamber 5 July 2017 – Case No. ECLI:FR:CCASS:2017:CO01026

A Community trade mark, well-known in a substantial part of the EU, prevents the registration of a conflicting national mark even in a country where the Community mark enjoys no reputation.

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Translated from PIBD 1079, III, 652–653 (2017) by Leo Lahme.

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August Storck KG (Germany) v. Director General of INPI, Éva E., De Rien Mon Amour SAS (formerly named Merci Chéri) et al. Trade Mark Directive 2008/95/CE of 22 October 2008, Art. 4(1)(b); Community Trade Mark Regulation 207/2009 of 26 February 2009, Art. 9(1)(b). “Merci”. IIC 49, 601–602 (2018).

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  • Well-known trade mark
  • Territorial scope of reputation
  • Opposition to registration
  • Earlier EU trade mark
  • Risk of confusion
  • Burden of proof of reputation