Mat Callahan and Jim Rogers (eds.): A Critical Guide to Intellectual Property

Zed Books, London 2017. pp. 281 (incl. Index). ISBN: 978-1-78699-114-0. £ 16.99
  • Heiko Richter
Book Review

In their “Critical Guide to Intellectual Property”, Mat Callahan (writer as well as musician and founder of the “Looters”) and Jim Rogers (lecturer at Dublin City University) have put together a fine, accessible collection of articles that critically discuss the concept of intellectual property from various perspectives. The editors frame intellectual property as nothing less than the battlefront of our time between “capitalist enslavement” versus “human liberation”. Starting from there, one already gets a fair sense of what of the book’s 280 pages will deal with: the debates around access vs. ownership, the market vs. the state, and the wealthy north against the developing south.

First and foremost, the guide is a call for attention to be payed to intellectual property, its conception, its societal role and related policies in the global order of the 21st century. Intellectual property is understood as a questionable – if not outdated – concept. In his introductory article, Callahan...

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