Irene Calboli and Wee Loon Ng-Loy (eds.): Geographical Indications at the Crossroads of Trade, Development, and Culture

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2017. 570 pp. ISBN: 9781107166332. £ 85.00
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In the long history of protection of geographical indications (GIs) at the international level, the most significant step came through the introduction of TRIPS Agreement in 1994. While setting out minimum standards and common basic principles for this form of IP rights, it was after its adoption that discussions on this matter started to become more exacerbated. At the basis of disagreements among different countries’ negotiation positions, it is possible to identify different cultural backgrounds and contrasting economic interests.

The so-called battle between the New World and the Old World, basically between producers from the United States and the European Union, is the result of antithetical approaches involving GIs. Besides legal and political conflicts in the context of the Western tradition, during the past decades discussions about GI protection have spread across other regions and have undoubtedly gone global nowadays. The GI international agenda, in addition to this global...

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