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“Loudspeakers in Bars”

Decision of the Supreme Court (Supremo Tribunal de Justiça) 13 November 2013 – Case No. 15/2013

The use of loudspeakers to amplify the signal, sound or image broadcasted by radio or television does not constitute a new transmission of the work, thus not requiring the authorisation of the author or its representative and not constituting the crime of usurpation in accordance with Arts. 149, 195 and 197 of the Copyright Act.

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Translated from the original by Ana Vogt Stoll. For a comment on this decision by Sofia Filgueiras, see this issue of IIC at doi:10.1007/s40319-016-0444-2.

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Copyright Act, Arts. 149, 155, 195, 197. “Loudspeakers in Bars”. IIC 47, 107–110 (2016).

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  • Communication to the public
  • Reception
  • Transmission
  • Loudspeakers
  • Scope of author’s authorisation
  • New use