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“Loufti Management Propriété intellectuelle”

Decision of the European Court of Justice (Tenth Chamber) 25 June 2015 – Case No. C-147/14

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    Article 9(1)(b) of Council Regulation (EC) No 207/2009 of 26 February 2009 on the Community trade mark must be interpreted as meaning that, in order to assess the likelihood of confusion that may exist between a Community trade mark and a sign which cover identical or similar goods and which both contain a dominant Arabic word in Latin and Arabic script, those words being visually similar, in circumstances where the relevant public for the Community trade mark and for the sign at issue has a basic knowledge of written Arabic, the meaning and pronunciation of those words must be taken into account.

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Loufti Management Propriété intellectuelle SARL v. AMJ Meatproducts NV and Halalsupply NV Regulation (EC) No 207/2009, Art. 9(1)(b). “Loufti Management Propriété intellectuelle”. IIC 47, 111 (2016).

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  • Community trade mark
  • Identical or similar signs
  • Likelihood of confusion
  • Assessment
  • Arabic words