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Match-fixing and governance in cricket and football: what is the fix?

  • Alexandra Veuthey


Summary Match-fixing/ISLJ. The issue of match-fixing is one of the biggest challenges that the sports industry currently faces. This paper focuses on match-fixing in cricket and football. These sports are traditionally affected by this unfortunate phenomenon. They have been hit hard by scandals during the last couple of decades. Their governing bodies have also been the first ones to react and try to find solutions. In this context, the author argues that even if the cricket and football governing bodies still have room for improvement in the fight against match-fixing, the mechanisms they have set up could be used, to a certain extent, by other sports federations as guidance. Further, she particularly insists on the necessity of an external support for sports organisations. This could be made through the implementation of a world integrity sports body, involving actors of the private and public sector, as well as, more generally, an increased intervention of public authorities to supplement initiatives set up by sports organisations.


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This article is a modified version of a paper I wrote for the Melbourne Law Masters subject ‘Sports Law: Entities and Governance’, originally submitted in March 2013. I would like to thank my professors, as well as the academic staff of Melbourne Law School. My gratitude also goes to Sébastien Besson (attorney, Python & Peter, and Professor at the University of Neuchâtel), Madalina Diaconu (attorney, SPLC), Garry Mann (barrister and solicitor, Leo Cussen Centre for Law) and Kevin Carpenter (solicitor, Hill Dickinson LLP) for their invaluable advice. Readers are encouraged to also read the Mr Carpenter’s articles to gain a nuanced understanding of what are very difficult areas of sports governance, ethics and policy.



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