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A state supervised monopoly in the betting market: a legal and economic assessment of the regulatory framework in Greece

  • Petroula Lisgara


On January 24, 2013, the European Court of Justice issued its decision on the joined cases C-186/11 and C-209/11, which refer to the regulated gaming sector in Greece. Due to the nature of the market, each Member State has the right to impose regulatory constraints as long as they are justified on the grounds of public policy, public security and public health. For this reason, some EU Member States, including Greece, have chosen to impose a restricted regulation and granted the exclusive right to organise, manage and run games of chance to a single operator. EU jurisprudence has extensively dealt with cases of similar characteristics and laid down the prerequisites for the compatibility of this policy with EU law. On the basis of the above, a legal and economic analysis will be made of the state’s regulation’s compatibility with the fundamental EU principles of proportionality and non-discrimination. Moreover, the efficiency of the sports betting industry in Greece with regard to the benefit of the State and consumers will be assessed. Through the multidisciplinary research analysis, a number of challenges and questions are emphasized which go beyond Greek regulation and touch upon other Member States with similar policies. The purpose of this article is to exhibit and discover through the analysis of one Member State’s regulation, the coherence of the regulated monopoly practice in the gaming sector.


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