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The Union Cycliste Internationale: a study in the failure of organisational governance of an International Federation

  • Lloyd FreeburnEmail author


This article examines recent controversies in the sport of cycling with a focus on the governance of the sport by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). In particular, it examines allegations raised against the UCI in the recent US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team/Lance Armstrong doping investigation by the United States Anti-Doping Authority (USADA). These issues include inadequate administration of anti-doping in the sport by the UCI and improper management of issues as between the UCI and Lance Armstrong. It also examines the governing body’s management of developments since the release of the USADA’s investigation report in October 2012, including the establishment then premature termination by the UCI of the UCI Independent Commission. The separate governance issues of how the governing body has managed conflicts of interest issues and cronyism within the organisation are outlined to illustrate widespread governance problems within the UCI. The article concludes that the UCI requires structural reforms in order to improve its governance practices and suggests a number of measures to bring about this reform.


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